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Distinguished Lecturer 2025-26

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To complete your Application (Nominator Form) and Submit
  • Please go here to start the process for a new nomination
  • To complete a nomination you have already started (see links at left)
    • Click Incomplete
    • Locate the application for that nominee
    • Click "edit" to complete and submit before the deadline


To complete your Application (Nominee Form) and Submit (see links at left)
  • Please go here to start a new Nominee Form 
  • Enter Program Password you received in your "You Have Been Nominated Email"
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    • Click Incomplete or Needs Attention
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    • Click "edit" to complete and submit before the deadline 


    To review Applications (Nominee Packets) assigned to you (see links at left)
    • Click My Judging Assignments
    • Select Entry Round
    • Click Open
    • Review Applicants (Nominees)

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